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Serena Hood, Creative Consultant and former Voguette, talks us through her Mother’s Day jewellery and the pieces she will be handing down to her loved ones. From meaningful charms to statement earrings, Serena isn’t afraid to be creative with her jewellery style and even takes inspiration from the Queen!
Describe your jewellery style
I tend to be pretty low key with my jewellery during the day, wearing a few staple pieces daily including a bracelet engraved with my daughter’s name and birthday. At night I love to dress up and wear bigger statement earrings, such as Annoushka’s Unique Stones Opal earrings.

Which piece/pieces of jewellery will you be passing down to your daughter?
I like to think that all of my jewellery will be passed down to my daughter and any future siblings, which makes it all the more special and meaningful.

What is your earliest jewellery memory?
Receiving a silver cross necklace from Tiffany from my parents on my 16th birthday. I remember staring and admiring it in its blue box, too nervous to actually wear it in case it got scratched or lost.

Do you have a charm bracelet, and if so, what charmsare on it?
I now have a charm bracelet that has had various meaningful charms added to it over the years, including a mini version of a US passport (I was born in NY) and the Seattle Space Needle (where my mother is from). I love searching various stalls at Grays Antiques for any unusual vintage charms.
How did you first discover Annoushka?
My husband gave me an Annoushka Mythology S Charm for my birthday a few years ago. I’ve been an admirer of the brand ever since.

Whose jewellery collection do you covet the most?
The Queen.

Which piece of jewellerydo you never take off?
My wedding band.

Which Annoushka piece would you like to receive for Mother's day?
I’d love a Mythology H Charm (my daughter is named Honor) to wear alongside my S. Does being a Mum affect the way you wear your jewellery?
I save any dangling earrings for nighttime after my little one is in bed.

Where is your go-to destination in London for sourcing hidden gems?
Spectrum at Grays Antiques and Felt on Chelsea Green both have great selections of vintage jewellery at all different prices. I also follow Moira Fine Jewellery on Instagram who posts the most incredible vintage diamond earrings.

What tips do you have when it comes to styling jewellery?
I love layering pieces and mixing different coloured metals and stones. My advice is to just have fun with it. There are no rules!