Annoushka Delivery
Give a future charity-supporting Women in Ethiopia
As an entrepreneur, Annoushka was naturally drawn to the work of the charity Give a Future. In Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, they offer business support, small loans and practical advice to women who want to provide for their families.

Annoushka is currently supporting 650 women through the Give a Future microfinance programme and hopes to extend her support to another 300 women every year for the next three years.

As part of her fundraising initiative, Annoushka hosts regular exhibitions in our Cadogan Gardens studio, and has designed a spectacular collection featuring fiery Ethiopian Opals where 20% off these sales go towards this charity. Beyond this, in celebration of International Women’s Day in 2018, twenty percent from the sale of every piece online and in our boutiques went towards helping more women achieve financial independence. It is Annoushka’s mission to continue this work and to encourage, uplift and support these incredible women.
Our Golden Pearls
Annoushka loves to travel and personally select the gemstones in her collections. In her 25th year of designing, she curated the Golden Pearls collection. These opulent designs pay tribute to the Philippines, home to the master craftsmen Annoushka first worked with many years ago.

It is within the Ilo Ilo province that the pearls have been sourced and personally selected by Annoushka herself from a single artisanal farm..

Annoushka’s great admiration for the rare calibre of golden pearls lead her to acquire these directly from pearl farmers and their skilled divers, whose painstaking work and cultivation of these awe-inspiring gems often goes unrewarded when the pearls pass through many hands on their way to auction..

Due to an increase in tropical storms and typhoons such as the devastating Haiyan in 2013, their livelihood and way of life has come increasingly under threat. With a strong appreciation for their extensive labour, attention to detail and skills, sourcing direct from the farm provides the remuneration needed to fund and rebuild their businesses..

It is the diamond embellished leaves of the Golden Pearls collection that signifies the new beginning for these talented pearl farmers.
Our Diamond Policy
Annoushka has a zero tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds and is passionate about ensuring that her business is based on fair and transparent trading.

A keen globetrotter, Annoushka collects her gemstones on her travels around the world, sourcing rare and unusual stones of exceptional quality and character. When she buys a particular set of gemstones, she has often been to the mines and personally met with the people with whom she is trading. Having been working in the industry for over 25 years, she has forged many personal relationships with the stone dealers based on fair dealing and mutual trust. Both Annoushka and her stone dealers adhere to and enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process.

In sourcing our diamonds, we try to go beyond the measures imposed by the United Nations Kimberley Process, we try to determine where each stone was cut, polished and set so we can ensure that all the people involved in the making of our jewellery were given a fair deal. If one of our suppliers was ever found to be in violation of that process, we would immediately cut ties with them.

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