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Annoushka Ducas MBE has been collecting charms for as long as she can remember, in her podcast she explores their unique ability to evoke memory and meaning with seven inspiring women, as they reveal their Life in Seven Charms.
“As a child my mother used to travel a lot and she’d always bring me back a charm, so for me they have this wonderful nostalgic feeling—every one holding a special story which connects me to her. There’s also something about the exquisiteness of the perfect, tiny form of a charm which is just so captivating, for me the pleasure is in perfecting the littlest detail, to make a charm spin or open—to design something which is the absolute miniature of the real thing.

It’s been such a pleasure to record this podcast and interview seven inspiring women who have all lived extraordinary lives—there are so few things that can stand the test of time like a charm—the individual narrative and personality of each gives them a very unique ability to tell a story—these well-known guests have truly let me and given me permission to retell their Life In Seven Charms, through a very special 18ct gold biography.”

Annoushka Ducas MBE