Locket Charms

Hold cherished mementos close to your heart with our timeless 18ct gold lockets.

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Dating back to the Victorian era, lockets have been cherished and loved for centuries. Traditionally worn to keep loved ones close, they would hold a lock of hair or photograph that would act as a constant comfort and reminder. Lockets are still very popular today and hold great sentimental value. Designed in our lockets are hand set with and a range of precious gemstones including rubies and tsavorites. Get in the celebratory spirit with our Champagne Bottle, carry your luck around with you with our Clover or get snap happy with our unique Camera locket. Whether you’re a bookworm, travel enthusiast or hopeless romantic, we have a symbolic locket to express all personalities. Each hidden space within the lockets can also hide a tiny note, as well as the traditional lock of hair or photograph. Add an extra layer of personalisation with an engraving on the front or back of your favourite locket. Each versatile design can be worn on a Cable or Charm Bracelet. Whether worn alone or as a collection, lockets remain a timeless and cherished piece of jewellery everyone should own.