Annoushka x The Vampire's Wife


"The songs he writes are often very visual and can be represented by simple symbols. Each charm corresponded to one of my favourite Nick Cave songs"



Annoushka X The Vampire's Wife

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A collaboration between friends, this 18ct gold collection was formed by Annoushka and Susie Cave, wife of Nick Cave and founder of British cult brand, The Vampire’s Wife. Each magnificent charm is based on Susie’s favourite Nick Cave songs and captures the intensity, romance and ferocity of his lyrics. Each incredibly detailed charm stemmed from Nick’s simple symbol sketches and were turned into perfectly minute representations in solid gold with playful, hidden elements that bring the charms to life. The thirteen charms in polished are set with sapphires, rubies and pearls. Open the base of the Ship Song and you will find a secret engraving. Seek the diamond bullet hidden in the Deanna charm’s spinning chamber and find the charming married couple in the God is in the House charm. Style your favourite charm on an 18ct gold or collect several and create your own charm bracelet. These eclectic jewels are perfect as treats to yourself or a loved one and sit beautifully alongside your existing jewellery.