Yellow Gold

Explore Annoushka's colour of choice with our 18ct yellow gold jewellery.

265 Styles Found

Step into Annoushka's jewellery edit, where 18ct gold tells a unique story through its warmth and evolving patina. This enduring metal, Annoushka's gold of choice, embodies timelessness and durability, remaining untarnished over years. It has captivated hearts across cultures and generations, symbolising enduring love and prosperity—a treasured symbol of good fortune. With a warm, radiant hue that complements many skin tones, yellow gold exudes opulence and luxury, effortlessly transitioning from day to evening elegance. Choose to wear bold gold playful and lockets, everyday drops and hoops, as well as bracelets and necklaces. Its classic appeal resonates with a timeless aesthetic, evoking nostalgia and family traditions for many. The luminous glow of yellow gold enhances gemstones and captures light uniquely. Wear it alone or alongside contrasting rose and jewellery for a mix-metal aesthetic.