White Gold

Catch the light in contemporary 18ct white gold.

135 Styles Found

Discover Annoushka's white gold jewellery edit, where modern elegance meets timeless allure. This sought-after precious metal brings a contemporary edge to jewellery, appealing to those who admire sleek and sophisticated styles. With its neutral hue, white gold is the epitome of versatility, seamlessly enhancing a range of gemstones and outfits, transitioning effortlessly from day to night. Durable for daily wear, it maintains its beauty over time. White gold's cool tone magnifies the brilliance of and gemstones, its "invisible" setting letting them catch the light in a remarkable way. Embrace its symbolism of purity, clarity, and unity with a white gold and Choose to wear diamond necklaces, diamond diamond or everyday bracelets. For those who cherish the blend of classic aesthetics with contemporary style, white gold offers a fresh take on timeless designs. Its resistance to tarnish ensures a lasting shine that endures. A compelling choice for those seeking elegance with a modern twist, a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.