Explore the exquisite rainbow hues of our Sapphire edit; giftable styles for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or treating yourself.

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Shine a spotlight on September’s birthstone, Sapphire, with Annoushka’s sapphire jewellery edit. Symbolising wisdom and purity, the edit shows a spectrum of colours from deep blues, vibrant yellows and pinks to icy whites. Add a pop of colour to your everyday with a coloured sapphire Signify memorable moments with story-telling in Layer polished white gold bangles with delicate sapphire bracelets for an everyday stack full of texture. Feel the love with our pendants decorated with an evil eye or heart and arrow that can be worn on an earring, bracelet or chain. Gift a rose like no other with the Wild Rose charm, a pink sapphire charm from the For an everyday boost, wear our Happy Face Charm on a chunky chain as a gentle reminder to spark joy. These giftable pieces resonate with your own personal stories, what will yours say about you?