Sophie Ellis-Bextor

A Musician And Author





In this episode of "My Life in Seven Charms," I had the pleasure of sitting down with the talented singer Sophie Ellis-Bexter. Sophie shared her journey from being a pop singer to a mother of five boys, all while navigating the ups and downs of her career. We delved into her experiences on Blue Peter as a child and how her love for music shaped her path.


Sophie opened up about her famous kitchen discos during lockdown, which turned into a best-selling album. She shared the inspiration behind her charms, including a disco ball locket symbolizing joy and her love for music. We also explored her connection to the TV show Twin Peaks and how it influenced her style and choices.


The conversation took a personal turn as Sophie discussed her marriage to Richard and their journey through parenthood. She shared the challenges of premature births with her two eldest sons and the joy of expanding their family with three more children. Sophie's dedication to her family shines through as she talks about balancing motherhood with her career and touring.


The episode highlighted the importance of communication, everyday kindness, and friendship in Sophie's successful marriage. We also learned about her unique party trick with a cherry stem and the significance of each charm representing her children and motherhood.


Join us as we dive deep into Sophie Ellis-Bexter's life, filled with music, family, and the beauty of everyday moments.

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