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Vertex Earrings

Handcrafted in 18ct yellow gold and diamonds, the earrings have the symmetry and clean lines of architecture.

The carved citrine drop is encased in a sculptural structure reminiscent of an arrowhead, a motif used throughout the Art Deco movement to symbolise forward movement, protection, courage and peace.

Remove the drops and style on hoops or studs from Annoushka's interchangeable earrings range to effortlessly switch up your style.

  • Product Code: 032694
  • Material: 18ct Yellow Gold
  • Gemstone: Citrine and Diamonds
  • Citrine Carat Weight: 11.25ct
  • Diamond Carat Weight: 1.85ct
  • Size: 71.3mm x 27.3mm
  • Fittings: Post and Large Ear Nut
  • Finish: High Polish
  • Features: Interchangeable Drops

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Flight stands out among Annoushka's collections as the only one inspired by the man-made rather than the natural world. Drawing inspiration from Art Deco architecture, coupled with the energy and glamour of the era, the designs reflect the geometric patterns, volume, angles, and intricate details, and feature the collection's signature arrowhead motif.


“Since childhood I’ve loved all things Art Deco, especially the Chrysler Building near where my father lived in New York. I’m obsessed with its volumes, symmetry, and perfect proportions and have tried to bring some of that geometry, energy, and intricate detail into my new pieces.”

With her characteristic approach to wearability, Annoushka has ensured this collection provides versatile additions to any wardrobe. Detachable and buildable, each pieces can be worn in pairs or can be worn alone or paired with earring drops from the Annoushka range, allowing for endless combinations and styles.