One of my very favourite places in the world is Greece. I’ve been going since I was a child, and to me, nowhere else truly compares to the warm welcome, breathtaking seas, and the wealth of history and culture it offers. It is the place that I dream of after a few months of our English weather. It simply soothes the soul and often inspires my design.

Gold jewellery has always played an important role in Greek history. Gold was mined extensively in Ancient Greece and highly valued, representing power, status, protection, and the ultimate offering to the Gods. One of the things I love to do when we have some time in Athens is visit the Benaki Museum, which has a wonderful exhibit explaining the importance of gold in culture. There is currently talk of restarting the mining of gold in Central Greece, and there is a vibrant jewellery community in Athens. Before I started Annoushka, Links of London opened a boutique in Athens. We sold the business to Folli Follie, a large Greek conglomerate, in 2007. Although this didn’t have a happy ending (the acquirer went bust), my enthusiasm for the country hasn’t waned.

My approach to packing for a summer holiday has evolved over time, shaped by my experiences, especially those unfortunate moments when my luggage went missing. Now I prioritise packing my absolute must-haves in my carry-on, a strategy that has saved me many times! I tend to focus on simple shapes and versatile garments, ideally a dozen pieces that can be mixed and matched. Natural fabrics like cotton and crisp white linen prevail. A staple in my travels is my London Velvet personalised tote bag. Its large size, complete with a zippered pocket, allows me to pack what I need. The best thing about this tote is its ingenious design that allows me to neatly tuck my hat into the two straps on the side, which stops it from being crushed or lost!

Naturally, jewellery is an essential part of my packing. Heading for a hot climate, I will take yellow gold which looks great against a tan, helps dress up simple evening outfits, and is perfect for the beach or the pool. It will not change colour in the way that gold-plated jewellery does when exposed to sun, salt, or chlorine! Staples that I always take include a pair of Organza Hoop Earrings, one of the first pieces I designed when I started Annoushka. With their hammered texture, these work with everything, day and night. This year, I am taking less, but my Knuckle heavy bracelet and necklace will join me. They are so versatile and can be worn in lots of ways. Essentially, two simple elegant chains can be attached together and worn as a lariat with one or two charms on the end. It will dress up any outfit. I always take a few different stacking rings, including my Crown Ring, and this year, my new Rainbow Sapphire Eternity Ring – worn in different combinations.

Needless to say, I normally have a few samples to test - and our new Knuckle Ring will be coming with me this time. It is designed to be worn as a stacked ring on one finger or opened up and worn over three fingers. It can also be attached to the rest of the Knuckle pieces as a pendant or additional link - no doubt my kids will have lots of suggestions on other ways to wear it.