Cocktail Rings

Light up the room in Annoushka’s rainbow-hued cocktail rings in 18ct gold.

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Attract all the right attention with our exquisite collection of 18ct gold cocktail rings, adorned with luscious gemstones and These pieces are designed to command attention and spark conversation with every gesture. Featuring a spectrum of colours that transcend the ordinary, go for the mesmerising cool hues of our topaz Dusty Diamonds ring, or become bitten by the bug of our Beetle Ring accented with amethysts. Embrace the timeless elegance of Deco-inspired rings featuring amethyst and green tourmaline. Wear our Greta Citrine and Olive Quartz styles, echoing the architecture of the Chrysler building, complete with intricately patterned galleries on the inside of their shanks. Find sentimental joy in the Happy Face Locket Ring, adorned with yellow and black diamonds, concealing a compartment for your cherished talismans. Unveil the versatility of styles like Aria and Venetian, featuring two jackets and a central bold ring that create a dazzling statement. Whether you’re looking to elevate your everyday or are on the hunt for that special something, there is a style, size and colour for every occasion.