Talismanic Jewellery

Brought to life in 18ct gold designs, these touchstones from the natural world are a tactile reminder of nature’s bounty and our inner strength during unprecedented times.

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Jewellery can possess the power to charge us emotionally, its very nature holds a powerful energy. In many ways we seek comfort from our jewellery, they become our emblems of luck and fulfil a deeper need for grounding us. Personalised jewellery is a trend that returns year and after, whether that be the wearing of Star Sign jewels, name necklaces , engraved designs or birthstone pieces- they all play in a role in making us feel complete. Tap into ancient beliefs and show your personality with a birthstones. Draw luck from the diamond and ebony Touch Wood collection, seek serenity and courage from amethysts, or find guidance with our Celestial and Whether you are self-gifting or looking to lift someone’s spirits, these talismanic jewels and precious gemstones are playful and versatile, a real treasure hunters paradise.