Annoushka Annoushka
Over the past two years, we have all had more time and space to reassess how we live and discover what is truly important to us. Somehow, these difficult times have given us permission to change direction and follow our dreams. This has brought with it a certain feeling of optimism and self-empowerment – a spirit of embracing change.
flight explores this attitude and a period of design which for Annoushka, perfectly encapsulates this sense of possibility, perhaps because it was born out of a similarly difficult circumstance: Art Deco.

A first for Annoushka, who is best known for her love of organic forms, Flight is a collection which celebrates clean, graphic lines, inspired by the design and architecture of the Deco period.
The collection encompasses motifs, including arrowheads, symbolising courage, protection, and peace, which urge you to follow your dreams; and feathers which represent freedom of heart, mind, and body - reminding you to move freely through life and tune into a need for change.
Arrow and featherhead stud earrings will be sold as singles, to be worn alone or as a matching or mismatching pair, alternatively you can choose any graphic-shaped drops to combine them with - a versatility synonymous with Annoushka designs. These two symbols are brought together in the glamorous baguette cut diamond earrings, evoking the grandeur of the Chrysler building and a diamond pave set Arrow brooch.
Reflecting the symmetry of the deco aesthetic, viewed through the Annoushka lens, Annoushka has chosen hard stones to add pops of colour and symbolism throughout - onyx for protection, malachite for prosperity and red agate for strength. These graphic lines are balanced with playful chain fringing - adding a frivolity and lightness of touch to larger earrings and long pendants.