Crowning Glory

Can it really be five years since we launched the Crown Ring? How time flies. Since then, it has become quite a favourite – perhaps because it is so versatile. You can wear it singly and be very happy, but there is also lots of fun to be had by combining two or more, as there are so many ways to do it: back to back, stacked, interlaced. It really is a playful piece.

Like many new ideas, it came about somewhat by accident. Annoushka wanted to be able to stack one ring on top of the other without it finishing abruptly, in a flat line, so she began to design a ring with a delicate, textured finish. Then it hit her: “Wouldn’t it be just awesome if two of these rings could interlace? And when I tried it, it was even more awesome than I imagined. Am I allowed to say that!?”
More recently, we’ve heard that many of you have bought pairs of Crown rings to be shared between two people, whether it be mothers and daughters or same-sex couples – a beautiful idea. This way, the intertwining becomes symbolic: here are two people who fit together perfectly, cut from the same cloth (or should that be forged in the same furnace?). Since those first designs, we have introduced an assortment of rings to sit alongside and indeed interlace with the Crown, including Marguerite – a floral-inspired white gold and white diamond collection and Love & Commitment – a range of diamond and coloured gemstone rings for brides.
This being the year of the Platinum Jubilee, it felt like the perfect time to introduce some new Crown pieces, and two charms inspired by the Queen’s life and loves. Seventy years on the throne is quite an achievement, so we wanted to celebrate this extraordinary woman – and have some fun doing it. Each new design will bear the Platinum Jubilee Hallmark, making it a commemorative investment as well as a treasurable piece for you to wear and enjoy.

Excitingly, and for the first time in our Crown collection: some things that aren’t rings. We have Crown Hoop Earrings, and a Crown Ear Cuff, both in 18ct white gold and white diamonds, as well as a Crown Bangle, available in both 18ct white or 18ct rose gold with diamonds.


We also have two very playful limited edition charms: a corgi sat on a velvet cushion and an Orb Charm, whose golden pearl moves freely within its diamond-adorned cradle, making it joyously tactile. There will only ever be 24 of each charm, and each will be individually numbered. (Quick aside: some of the Queen’s dogs are in fact dorgis, a cross-breed that originated when one of her corgis mated with a dachshund belonging to Princess Margaret. Who knew?)


To crown it all (apologies), we have an extremely limited edition Jubilee version of our classic Crown ring, this time in platinum, naturally, and featuring rubies, diamonds and sapphires as a nod to the union flag. We are only making seven Jubilee Crown Rings – one for each decade of The Queen’s reign. So they’ll be almost as rare as the crown jewels themselves.


“70 years on the throne is an astonishing achievement, and I wanted to do something very special to celebrate it. I had a wonderful time designing these new pieces, and I think they sum up my approach to jewellery: they’re feminine, wearable and playful. I hope you love them as much as I do.” 

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