Limited Edition

A selection of signature 18ct gold and diamond designs where only a limited number of each piece is available.

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Discover Annoushka’s limited-edition jewellery—a collection of rare and exquisite designs. A curated selection, each piece holds a story of craftsmanship and individuality. Among these are the coveted a limited and necklace from the Annoushka/24 collection, where each of the 24 pieces is engraved with its unique edition number. Dive into sea-inspired like the lobster and turtle, boasting intricate details and secret compartments adorned with precious gemstones. The turtle, with his moving limbs and intricate details embodies the enduring qualities of stability, longevity, and patience- a tribute to Annoushka's journey in jewellery design. Feel like royalty with the coronation locket a miniature of the St Edward's Crown worn by King Charles III when he was anointed King. Concealed within its engraved base lies a hidden chamber for your personal treasure, with only 100 numbered and hallmarked pieces made. Limited edition jewellery masterfully combines rarity, emotional significance, and impeccable craftsmanship, making it a meaningful investment for any jewellery collector.