Leather Bracelets

Discover our luxurious Spanish leather bracelets for men and women, using off-cuts from British brand Connolly.

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Made from Spanish leather off-cuts from British brand, Connolly, our gold leather bracelets come in two sizes 35cms and 41cms. Suitable for both men and women, these versatile styles are available in a range of coloured plain and plaited leathers: red, green, black, brown and cream. Choose between wearing the leather with a 14ct or Lovelink or opt for a bolder designed with a symbol of your choice. Add a personal touch with an engraving or style or 18ct gold discs from your Lovelink. The bracelet can be wrapped around the wrist twice or worn as a stylish choker for women. The ‘lock’ has been celebrated throughout history, in the world of punk rock as much as in the realms of religion. Each lock celebrates love, unity, security and strength. How will you style your bracelet, with a link or lock?