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The 'lock' has been celebrated throughout history, in the world of punk rock as much as in the realms of religion. Lovelocks symbolises love, unity, security and strength with five and precious gemstone depicting a different talismanic symbol. Wear each charm individually on a leather bracelet or necklace from leather goods brand, Connolly, attached to a hoop earring or collect all five charms and style on our 14ct and 18ct gold Cable For lightweight luxury we craft our pieces in real gold which is lighter than cheaper non precious, base metals, so this piece is luxurious whilst also being lightweight and wearable. Discover the Lovelink, an elegant, unisex 14ct gold clasp available in rose, white and yellow gold that is designed to be the contemporary starting point for any collection. Connecting both ends of the Cable chain or attached to the leather cord, the Lovelink can be worn alone on a chain or leather or styled with any Annoushka charm. How will you and your partner wear yours?