Annoushkas connection and appreciation for the ancient craft of goldsmithing and the people who dedicate their life to the bench ensures quality throughout her collections.

Designing jewellery that is made in solid gold set with diamonds and coloured gemstones, Annoushka takes great pride in high standards of craftsmanship.

Annoushka jewellery is crafted in several established workshops across the globe. In this way we access the very best craftspeople for their specialised skillset as and when a design demands it and as such we work with only the very best to interpret our complex and varied designs. Having worked with some of our craftspeople for over 30 years there is a high level of trust and communication which ensures the aesthetic and interpretation of her designs are a true representation of her vision.

Central to jewellery production the world over is the lost wax castingmethod, which is a technique honed though the centuries by artists and jewellers. Casting is the process by which a wax pattern is captured in specialist investment plaster and then filled with molten metal to create a form in gold (or other metal). It is called lost wax casting because the wax is always “lost” during the process.
“ In my travels around the world I often discover methods of craftsmanship which will sometimes stimulate my approach to a new collection.”
The majority of our diamonds and gemstones are micro-pavé set where there is significantly improved visibility of the job in hand, allowing for great accuracy and extremely fine work. Micro-pavé setting is a modern adaptation of traditional setting techniques, where the setter works while viewing the job through a microscope with approximately 40-power magnification.

Many of our coloured gemstones are custom cut to fit intricate designs. Devised in the lapidary exclusively for Annoushka, the character of a design is greatly enhanced but cuts which reflect the aesthetic of the piece.


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