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Podcast Episode Synopsis: My Life in Seven Charms with Kit Kemp
In this captivating episode of "My Life in Seven Charms," I had the pleasure of sitting down with the extraordinary Kit Kemp, MBE, co-founder and creative director of Ferndale Hotels. As a renowned jewellery designer with a passion for collecting charms, I delved into Kit's life story through the lens of seven significant charms that hold special meaning to her.


The episode kicks off with Kit sharing her fascination with miniature designs and attention to detail, setting the stage for a deep dive into her life journey. From her childhood memories of aeroplanes, influenced by her father's passion for aircraft design, to her early days of exploring fabrics and sewing on her mother's neglected materials, Kit's creative spirit and love for craftsmanship shine through.



rachel johnson charm illustrationrachel johnson charm illustration

As we explore Kit's life through the charms, we uncover the influence of her family, particularly her two elder brothers and her mother's work at the BBC. Kit's unique upbringing and exposure to diverse experiences shaped her into the visionary designer she is today.


The conversation delves into Kit's partnership with her husband, Tim, in founding and transforming Ferndale Hotels into a beacon of boutique luxury. The challenges and triumphs of working together as a couple in the hospitality industry are candidly discussed, highlighting the dynamic and collaborative nature of their relationship.


Each charm discussed, from the aeroplane symbolizing her father's legacy to the three monkeys representing her three daughters, unveils layers of Kit's personality and experiences. The cricket bat charm, tied to the history of Dorset Square Hotel and Lord's Cricket Ground, showcases Kit's ability to infuse storytelling and heritage into her designs.


The episode culminates with Kit selecting the mannequin charm as her favorite, symbolizing the essence of Ferndale Hotels and her commitment to creating spaces that feel like home. Through her legacy of joy, creativity, and unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, Kit Kemp's story resonates as a testament to the power of passion and perseverance in shaping a remarkable life.


Join me, Anoushka Doukas, as we unravel the enchanting narrative of Kit Kemp's life in seven charms, a journey filled with artistry, innovation, and a touch of whimsy. Don't forget to like, review, and subscribe to stay tuned for more captivating episodes of "My Life in Seven Charms." Thank you for listening.




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