Alexandra Shulman Obe

Author and former Editor In Chief of British Vogue

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In this episode of "Life in Seven Charms," I had the pleasure of sitting down with the iconic fashion journalist, Alexandra Shulman. As we delved into her life story through seven charms, Alexandra shared intimate details about her journey and the significant moments that shaped her.


The conversation began with Alexandra's reflection on the importance of jewellery in marking life events and memories. She shared how her collection of charms holds sentimental value and serves as a biography in 18-carat gold.


We explored Alexandra's childhood, growing up in a literary and articulate household where ambition and expectations were prevalent. Despite the competitive environment, she emphasized the importance of disagreements and how they didn't hinder the love within the family.


One of the charms, a vinyl single, sparked memories of childhood outings with her father and the joy of selecting music. Alexandra's passion for music and photography emerged, leading her to share anecdotes from her early career in the music industry and her love for photography.




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The discussion then shifted to Alexandra's tenure as the editor of British Vogue, where she navigated the world of fashion journalism and worked with renowned photographers. She reflected on the challenges and successes of her time at Vogue, including the scrutiny of the public eye and the evolution of fashion photography.


As we explored the significance of a dress charm, Alexandra revealed her affinity for pink clothing and the role of fashion in her life. The conversation touched on the expectations of success post-Vogue and the motivation behind her career choices, driven by the desire to own property and provide for her son, Sam.


The podcast episode concluded with a heartfelt discussion about motherhood and the balancing act of being a working parent. Alexandra shared her experiences of raising Sam as a single parent and the joy he brings to her life.


Through the lens of seven charms, Alexandra Shulman's life story unfolded, showcasing resilience, ambition, and the enduring power of personal memories and associations. Join us next time for another captivating journey through the lives of extraordinary women on "Life in Seven Charms."

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