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Our Sustainability Goals

We believe that jewellery should last forever. This is reflected in the timelessness of our designs and in the integrity of our materials. By working in real gold, we celebrate this naturally occurring and endlessly recyclable, precious metal.

As a business, we believe in buying less and buying better and so intend our designs to be worn, cherished, and passed on for the next generation to enjoy.
We want to be the best that we can be for people and the planet and believe that the world should not have to be harmed in the name of luxury.

As such we are embracing the challenge of changing our business to be as sustainable as possible and have partnered with Positive Luxury to help us on this journey.

Our Materials Pledge

With so much of our inspiration coming from nature, it is only right that we should preserve and restore the earth as nature intended, and we undertake wherever possible to source and produce in materials that have already been extracted, rather than continuing to mine limited resources. We have reached a point where today, 70% of our gold is recycled and we are holding ourselves accountable to reach 100% recycled gold as soon as we can.

By undertaking to use recycled gold, we are aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goal No 12, which is Responsible Consumption and Production.
To us, it seems obvious to recycle the gold already in circulation - which holds the same value as newly mined gold - but has far less environmental impact. We hope that others will follow suit.
Diversity, Inclusivity and Ethics
Annoushka is a business created by women for women and over 90% of our workforce are women. As an equal opportunities’ employer, we recognise the need for female voices all the way through the business, our executive board is made up of two women and two men, with one female advisor.

We hire talent without prejudice and our expert workforce is made up of 20 nationalities and 14 languages.

Our staff’s health and wellbeing is paramount and we understand that flexible working gives our team the chance to create their own work life balance. We pride ourselves on our maternity policy, meaning our team do not need to choose between parenthood or their careers and have an open-minded sickness policy. Through Covid-19 the team were offered a mindfulness course to help support some of the challenges that the pandemic highlighted.
Women and Womens’ Rights
As a female led business, Annoushka has integral interests in supporting women from all backgrounds, both in their professional and personal lives. Our philanthropic commitments and initiatives include the following;

The Brilliant Breakfast
In 2020 Annoushka founded The Brilliant Breakfast, annual grass roots fundraising event, to raise funds and awareness for the Women Supporting Women programmes run by The Prince’s Trust. These programmes specifically support vulnerable young girls and women, who in the last year have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19. In the inaugural year The Brilliant Breakfast raised £325,000 and in 2021 the target is set to raise £1 Million. Read more on how you can get involved this year here. In 2019 Annoushka became a patron of Women Supporting Women run by the Princes Trust, an organisation set up to specifically support, young girls and women from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping them to live, learn and earn.

Give A Future
As an entrepreneur, Annoushka was naturally drawn to the work of the charity Give a Future. In Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, they offer business support, small loans as little as £35 and practical advice to women who want to provide for their families. Annoushka is currently supporting 650 women through the Give a Future microfinance programme and hopes to extend her support to another 300 women every year for the next three years.
Read more about Give a Future here.
At Annoushka we believe in craftmanship excellence and pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our precious designs. Having been in the jewellery business for over 30 years, Annoushka has some worked with some of our workshops for many years to ensure building a partnership based on trust and transparency. Through thorough third-party auditing, we are able to demand that our partners meet the same exacting standards, and our workshops are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.
Diamond Policy
Annoushka has a zero tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds and is passionate about ensuring that her business is based on fair and transparent trading.

A keen globetrotter, Annoushka collects her gemstones on her travels around the world, sourcing rare and unusual stones of exceptional quality and character. When she buys a particular set of gemstones, she has often been to the mines and personally met with the people with whom she is trading. Having been working in the industry for over 25 years, she has forged many personal relationships with the stone dealers based on fair dealing and mutual trust. Both Annoushka and her stone dealers adhere to and enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process.

In sourcing our diamonds, we try to go beyond the measures imposed by the United Nations Kimberley Process, we try to determine where each stone was cut, polished and set so we can ensure that all the people involved in the making of our jewellery were given a fair deal. If one of our suppliers was ever found to be in violation of that process, we would immediately cut ties with them.
The gold we use is 70% - 100% recycled across all our collections.
Golden Pearls
Annoushka loves to travel and personally select the gemstones in her collections. In her 25th year of designing, she curated the Golden Pearls collection. These opulent designs pay tribute to the Philippines, home to the master craftsmen Annoushka first worked with many years ago.

It is within the Ilo Ilo province that the pearls have been sourced and personally selected by Annoushka herself from a single artisanal farm..

Annoushka’s great admiration for the rare calibre of golden pearls lead her to acquire these directly from pearl farmers and their skilled divers, whose painstaking work and cultivation of these awe-inspiring gems often goes unrewarded when the pearls pass through many hands on their way to auction..

Due to an increase in tropical storms and typhoons such as the devastating Haiyan in 2013, their livelihood and way of life has come increasingly under threat. With a strong appreciation for their extensive labour, attention to detail and skills, sourcing direct from the farm provides the remuneration needed to fund and rebuild their businesses..

It is the diamond embellished leaves of the Golden Pearls collection that signifies the new beginning for these talented pearl farmers.
Response to Covid-19
Closer to home and in response to the Covid-19 crisis Annoushka raised £20,000 for our local St George’s NHS Hospital, which provided much needed monitoring equipment for their High-Risk Obstetrics Maternity Unit. This amount came from a percentage of sales, achieved through online sales taken over an 8-week period – thanks to all our customers with this initiative
Packaging Pledge
We are very aware of the danger of “over packaging” in the luxury industry and we are mindful the need to be luxurious but also responsible. All our current packaging is made from sustainable paper sources, is FSC certified and suitable for home recycling. Through our work with Positive Luxury, we intend to move towards packaging that comes from recycled materials and is home compostable, where possible

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