Bring a Splash of Magic

Starting my career as a jewellery designer was an unexpected journey, spurred by my mother's need to give a present to all the top London chefs she supplied fish to. Inspired by a visit to a small silver workshop in the Philippines, I decided that the perfect present for the chefs was a pair of sterling silver fish cufflinks. Little did I know, that simple act would be the beginning of the business my husband and I would later start - Links of London. Since that unlikely beginning, fish have swum into my collections, whether for Links of London or at Annoushka.


I'm thrilled to introduce our latest creation of a small but exquisite diamond fish charm, released for April Fools Day or, as the French call it, the Poisson d'Avril. It's said that April Fools dates back to the 15th Century, when New Year's Day was moved from April 1st to January 1st, to coincide with the Gregorian calendar, and the “fools” were considered to be the people still celebrating on 1st April. The French tradition was that people would prank the fools by surreptitiously hanging a fish on someone's back (although now it's usually a paper fish). 

Just as the playful spirit of Poisson d'Avril fills the air, we unveil this charming fish charm, sparkling with mischief and delight. It reminds me of my mother unloading her fish to London's best restaurants, and it's a nod to my beginnings, a wink at the unexpected twists of fate that brought us here.


I hope this little fish will bring a splash of magic into the lives of those who wear it. And of course, to make it more personal to you, we can also make your charm in yellow or rose gold, or even change the stones. 

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