Thank you,
Over £300,000 raised!
Last month I launched ‘The Brilliant Breakfast’ with The Princes Trust, a grassroots initiative to raise much needed funds for young, vulnerable women and a cause close to my heart. I am absolutely thrilled to say that against all the odds and restrictions faced, as of today, we have raised more than £300,000—totally blowing our pre COVID target of £200,000 out of the water!

Little did I know when I first proposed this idea in 2019, how pertinent the fundraising and awareness would be this year with the effects of Corona Virus impacting deprived young women harder than most. Some people thought we were mad, but the global challenges only made my team and I more determined to make this inaugural year happen. The success of the initiative was down to the hard work and dedication of so many people across the UK, and of course, because of your generosity—so a huge heartfelt THANK YOU.

All the money raised has gone to The Prince’s Trust’s Women Supporting Women campaign, supporting women between 11-30 years helping them to live, learn and earn—something which the latest government reports show is going to be harder than ever, which is why I’m excited to say we are already planning next year’s Brilliant Breakfast for the week of 11–17 October 2021 with an ambition of 1 Million pounds!

I do hope you will join us next year for The Brilliant Breakfast to support more young women in need, in the meantime do stay safe and keep well.

PWC found that
80% of those who
have lost their jobs
since the crisis
began are women
and two-thirds of
these are aged
Women are one
third more likely to
work in a sector
threatened by
closure such as
care and nursing
Its only through support received through patrons and fundraising that The Prince’s Trust are able to run their Women Supporting Women Programmes, which give young women the support to live, learn and earn—often for the first time in their lives.
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