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We love a pearl. They’re an oldy but a goody (dating back to 2206 BCE no less) but when styled well, nothing about pearls is old fashioned. You’ll find lots in our collections, but just like with gemstones, there are a lot of choices, so why not have a read and discover your perfect pearls today
Think of Golden Pearls as the queen regent of pearls. Hailing from the mighty Pinctada Maxima Oyster found in the Philippines, they’re classically large round pearls with a delicious golden lustre, each taking its hue from the golden lip of the oyster from which it came.

Having visited the pearl farms herself, Annoushka discovered first-hand the intense process needed to nurture these gems of the sea – the artisanal farmers work day and night to tend to these beauties, so we source from them directly to make sure they get the pay they deserve.

Golden pearls could only be matched by the golden age of glamour, so Annoushka turned to the Twenties for inspiration when designing with these majestic gems.
We love a freshwater baroque pearl, so you’ll find the majority of Annoushka’s pearl jewellery is hand made with this type of classic creamy coloured pearl, but they do have some quirks. We like to think of freshwater pearls as sisters, not twins, as part of their beauty is their non-symmetrical shape which they get all by themselves as they cultivate in the water.

So, think of them as a classic with a twist (Kate Middleton wears ours) and a stalwart of the pearl scene and like a white shirt, these pearls should be in every jewellery wardrobe.
Like Golden Pearls, South Sea Pearls pack a punch – put simply, they’re big, round and come in a banquet of shades from champagne to deep gold. When something is this naturally scrumptious, we think it’s best to let the pearl do the talking, so we use our Southsea’s in simple styles, fit for a queen.
Part of the freshwater pearl club, just smaller in size, these pretty little pearls look like they’ve been sun-kissed (and look rather lovely with your summer tan too) Peachy, pinks and cream tones, these teeny tiny pearls feel modern when strung simply and layered with fine gold chains – so pile them up around your neck or with your favourite bracelets for that beachy, understated glamour.