Annoushka hosted her 17th Inspirational Women's Lunch alongside skincare guru and facialist to the stars, Sarah Chapman. We were delighted to welcome Sarah - the founder and CEO of skincare brand Skinesis as well as owner of the Skinesis clinic in Sloane Square - to our flagship boutique in Mayfair for a glass of champagne followed by lunch in the beautiful private Foyer Room at Claridge's. It was fascinating to hear about Sarah's journey through the world of beauty and to hear about the science behind the products that she makes. Our takeaway is that we should always trust our instincts (and of course always cleanse thoroughly!).

Read Sarah's Q&A below where she spills the secrets on her hero beauty products and the skincare rules she always lives by. From her favourite Annoushka pieces to coveting the Queen’s jewellery collection, we find out about Sarah’s story and her love for skincare and diamonds



I am the founder/CEO across two businesses—the Skinesis skincare brand and my Skinesis clinic in Sloane Square. I am constantly challenging the status quo as I embrace change so am a true entrepreneur who is always looking ahead. My vision and formulation work is always pushing the boundaries to create exceptional skincare that transforms my client’s skin and a leading skincare practice that harmonises intelligent technologies with hands on expertise to deliver revolutionary facials and results.

Skinesis is the evolution of over 20 years of work for you. What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own business—what is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

The best piece of advice I could give anyone is stay trueto your vision and don’t let people tell you things are not possible. I was given this advice when I was starting my career and I have always carried it with me. You can achieve whatever you want to, you might just need a new approach or a different way of thinking.

It took me 4 years of development before I launched my first. 6 formulas andI had a lot of people tell me that what I was asking for wasn’t possible along the way. But I was able to find a chemist with as much ambition as me and we were able to push the boundaries of cosmeceutical skincare—combining active technologies for results with elegant textures and scent.So stick with it and know that you will receive many knock-backs and set-backs along the way.

What are the skincare rules you live by?

1. Stay out of the sun and always wear SPF, even in winter.

2. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! This step is so often neglected but cleansing really is the foundation to healthy, glowing skin.

3. Take daily supplements and eat a healthy, balanced diet to support your skin from within.

What is your hero beauty product?

Overnight Facial is definitely my desert island product. I always have a bottle on my bedside table and never travel anywhere without it. I never get tired of waking up with plump, glowing skin

If you were a charm what would you be?

I believe in angels, so mine would be an angel charm.

Which piece/pieces of jewellery do you never take off?

None, I always take off all my jewellery before bed.

What is your favourite Annoushka piece?

For me I love the Initial ‘S’ Bracelet as this is delicate and stackable with other jewellery. I also love the Butterflies Collection stud earrings and long necklace

Whose jewellery collection do you covet the most?

Well we could say the Queen’s, I imagine there are some stunning pieces in there and we only see them occasionally.

You're never fully dressed with a...

Pair of earrings, from simple studs to elaborate pieces, they can make an outfit. love Annoushka’s Hoopla Collection very clever and customisable.

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