Gold in its simplest form has a unique position in history. From its formation spanning millennia, to its lifespan going forward, gold is eternal. Incorruptible, indestructible, it is the ultimate recyclable material.

Gold vermeil, by contrast, is the name given to jewellery made from a base metal such as brass, copper, nickel or sterling silver that has been electronically plated with a layer of gold. The plating process itself requires a great deal of energy and often involves toxic chemicals like cyanide, but beyond the toxicity, by using gold in this way, jewellers are removing its intrinsic capacity to be re-purposed. The solution is not to provide the consumer with a lifetime re-plating guarantee, but to encourage jewellery designers, where possible, to use real gold that can be passed down to future generations.

Real gold is made up of twenty-four parts and is weighed in troy ounces. One troy ounce is equivalent to 31.103478 grams. Gold is mostly made as 24ct, 18ct, 14ct or 9ct. At Annoushka we use 18ct solid gold, the perfect choice for an engagement ring, wedding band, or heirloom piece, because of its durability. All our 18ct pieces are hallmarked with the numbers 750, a mark provided by the Assay Office, the UK authority on precious metals.
“Solid gold has never and will never lose its desirability, nor its intrinsic value.”
Gold tones can be changed through alloying, to be shades of yellow, white or rose in colour. Artfully combining gold colours and then treating the surfaces by polishing and texturing in various ways to catch the light and the eye, Annoushka creates complex jewels to be worn and loved today, and tomorrow.

Crafting in solid gold allows Annoushka creative freedom that other metals do not, and it also ensures that our pieces will endure the test of time.
The universal love of gold ensures continued demand, with newly mined gold accounting for about 75% of that demand each year, with the shortfall made up from recycled gold. At Annoushka, we strive to support a sustainable future for all the trades who work with and support us. Gold is mined all over the world, mostly by large companies but there are also millions of artisanal and small- scale gold miners. We are working to put the social welfare and environmental impact of gold extraction at the heart of our business by building responsible partnerships and expanding transparent, ethical supply chains.
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