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Julie-Anne Dorff, Executive Fashion, Jewellery & Beauty Director at Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country talks us through her jewellery collection and how she developed her love-affair with fine jewellery.​
Which piece of jewellery do you never take off?
My wedding band and the thin gold necklace with small pear diamonds my husband gave me for my 40th birthday.

How do you express your personal style through your jewellery?
I usually wear delicate pieces with personality and sometimes unusual shapes or colors. I also love bold pieces such as the amazing Dream Catcher Earrings I am wearing in the shoot. I love experimenting with jewellery just as I would with make-up, but it is either one look or the other: either a red lip or a smokey eye: either statement earrings or an amazing cuff or necklace.

What do you love about Annoushka?
I love her eclectic collections. A lot of Annoushka’s pieces are small sculptures, art pieces. The designs are always very original but also very wearable. Most of the pieces can be dressed up or down, just as beautiful with a denim shirt or a little black dress. The pieces are original without being overpowering. You wear them and not the other way around!

What is on your wish-list this Valentine's Day?
The Diamonds and Pearls Ring.
When did your love-affair with jewellery begin?
I used to spend all my holidays with my maternal grandmother when I was a child and I was fascinated by her glamour; the jewellery, the clothes… she loved dressing up and would always change for dinner. She often took me with her when she would go and meet her girlfriends and I loved being part of it all. I always tried to behave so she would take me!

Do you have a favourite Annoushka piece?
I have two! The Love Diamonds Lunar Pendant and the Unique Stones Earring Drops.

What tips do you have when it comes to styling jewellery?
Do not be scared to try different styles or to mix costume and fine jewellery etc… do not try too hard, just stay yourself. Don’t let one piece over power you.

What is your earliest jewellery memory?
My mother’s aquamarine ring and my grandmother’s gold bracelets.

What new jewellery trends are you seeing in 2018?
Charms are coming back, ear cuffs, pearls - either hammered pearls or mismatched, uncut/ unpolished/raw stones and coloured diamonds.