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Mother of two and all round fashionista Hannah Strafford-Taylor styles her favourite Annoushka pieces. From her most loved Mythology Alphabet Pendants to the pieces at the top of her wish list, Hannah talks Annoushka through her jewellery superstitions and the pieces which make her feel most lucky. A fan of the brand since day one, Hannah describes why Annoushka Jewellery is so unique and the pieces she will hold onto forever.​​
Do you have a jewellery mantra?
I don’t really have a mantra per sey but I guess if I am wearing a statement piece I only wear one at once so I don’t overdo it! As you know I love my big earrings! I also have a weird superstitious thing about jewellery, I have pieces that I feel are super lucky, like the necklace I wore when I was pregnant or the ring I didn’t take off for months and life was totally perfect and it’s those pieces I gravitate towards.

Which piece of jewellery do you never take off?
I never take off my Annoushka Alphabet pendants and Hoopla chain; I just love the idea of having my girls’ initials around my neck. They feel incredibly special to me, I feel like it signifies my bond with my girls and I treasure them more than anything.

Which piece/pieces of jewellery will you be passing down to your daughters?
I will be passing down a vintage Cartier ring to Winter, I got it on Vestiaire Collective when she was born and I absolutely love it - it’s so pretty, it is gold with jade and a pink stone and I just love the pink and green together. Soleil loves a tiny red heart pendant on a chain that my grandmother left me, so I will be giving that to her, my husband got me a rose gold Daytona when Soleil was born, so she will be having that I guess, although she has never shown much interest in it! It’s not pretty enough for her!
How does being a Mum affect the way you wear your jewellery?
I don’t think being a Mum has really affected how I wear jewellery, although I wish I owned more clip on earrings! How I have not had an ear lobe torn by Winter is a sheer miracle, she constantly pulls at my earrings.

What is your favourite Annoushka piece/pieces?
It is honestly so hard to choose my favourite Annoushka piece, I love it all! But currently I am obsessed with the Diamonds & Pearls ring. It is number 1 on my jewellery wishlist, it’s totally and utterly divine, so unique and I haven’t seen anything else even similar to it. I also love the Mythology Feather charm, and the Globe charm.... oh I could go on and on!

If you were a charm what would you be?
If I was a charm I would be a horseshoe, I am always drawn to them for some reason, they are kind of old fashioned in a cool vintage way, and they remind me of my Mother, she always loves a horseshoe too, we used to have them around the house, so they remind me of my extremely happy childhood.

How & when did you discover Annoushka? What do you love about the brand?
I discovered Annoushka years and years ago maybe when they were first in Selfridges, I used to wander through and always stop and browse as I wanted to own it all. The first piece I bought though was a necklace for my stepdaughter Ferns birthday, and she loved it. I think jewellery is meant to be worn, not locked away in a box and Annoushka’s pieces are so wearable at the same time being so unique and versatile.
What is your earliest jewellery memory?
My earliest jewellery memory is a ring of my mother’s, it was a large turquoise coloured stone with rubies around, I remember her always wearing it and I loved the colours. I used to fiddle with it, just like Winter does with my jewellery.

Who dod you think wears their jewellery really well?
I love how Pernille Teisbeck wears her statement pieces, always so pretty. I always love how my best friend Margherita wears her jewellery, like me she loves vintage pieces and earrings and pretty gold things and we both have Annoushka Alphabet pendants.