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Top Fashion Stylist & Designer to the stars, Avigail Collins chats us through her best jewellery styling tips. From delicate chains to velvet chokers – Avigail reveals what she loves about Annoushka, as well as some of her favourite pieces.
How did you first discover Annoushka?
I was introduced to Annoushka around ten years ago by her PR agent at the time - she came to my rescue when I was dressing Rihanna for an event in Cannes. I fell in love with her designs instantly and the rest is history!

Who do you think wears their jewellery really well?
Cate Blanchett always wears her jewellery so well on the red-carpet - it’s never just the dress you notice. She’s not afraid to let her jewellery do the talking and rock a really amazing statement earring or necklace. Day-to-day Rihanna has always been a trend-setter when it comes to jewellery - she piles it on and always looks effortless.

Whose jewellery collection do you covet the most?
Annoushka’s, obviously! And jewellery designer Yvonne Leon.

Which piece of jewellery do you never take off?
My CHE necklace (the name of my little boy) which was designed by Samantha Tea and my wedding ring which was made by Hannah Martin and fits together with my husband’s ring.

Describe your jewellery style
I prefer to wear fine jewellery rather than costume jewellery because I like to wear my pieces all the time. I don’t believe in saving things for best - great jewellery is there to be worn! I love layering up my jewellery - I often mix delicate chains with a velvet or natural string choker.
What do you love about Annoushka?
I love the thought that goes into each piece. Every one of Annoushka’s designs tells a story which makes each piece really special and mirrors my own design process.

When did your love-affair with jewellery begin?
Liz Taylor is my all-time jewellery style icon and from a very young age I have loved accessorizing: even as a toddler I used to decorate myself with flowers and ribbons that I found around the house. One of my first presents was a necklace from my dad that said spoilt rotten! I was given my charm bracelet on my twelfth birthday and have added a charm every year since then.

Do you have a favourite Annoushka piece?
The Nectar Cherry Droplet Necklace - ruby is my birthstone.

Where is your go-to destination in London for sourcing hidden gems?
Dover Street Market is amazing at sourcing new designers from London and Asia.

If you could depict yourself as a charm what would it be?
A cherry because it’s red like my birthstone and it’s a little bit sassy!

What tips do you have when it comes to styling jewellery?
Coco Chanel always said to take the last thing off which I think is a great mantra when it comes to chunky, oversized jewellery. With fine jewellery I take a more-is-more approach: you can never wear too much! If you’ve got an amazing jewellery collection don’t be afraid to wear it.