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Nobody quite knows jewellery like Alice Edwards – Sunday Times Style & The Times LUXX’s jewellery editor. Her love of jewellery sprung from an uninvited visit inside her mother's jewellery box and since then she has never looked back. From her much loved diamond engagement ring to the return of modern pearls, Edwards talks us through her favourite Annoushka pieces and whose jewellery collection she covets the most.
Tell us a bit about you
I'm the jewellery editor for both the Sunday Times Style magazine and The Times LUXX magazine - a job I unsurprisingly adore. I'm married to an art director and we live with our two children (Honor, 3 and Kit, 1) in South London.

How and when did your love affair with jewellery begin?
Rather typically I imagine, uninvited in my mother's jewellery box when she wasn't looking. And I have such clear memories of the beautiful beaded necklaces my grandmother used to layer over crisp shirts. Growing up jewellery seemed the ultimate mark of elegance.

Which piece of jewellery do you never take off?
My wedding and engagement ring, which is perhaps why they need cleaning so often.

Which piece/pieces of jewellery will you be passing down to your daughter?
If she has it her way, everything (she's only three and already such a magpie). For her birthday my husband and I always give her a piece of jewellery - she certainly doesn't need more toys - with a small note from us. I love the idea one day the collection will be like a bejewelled treasure map through her childhood. The only piece she won't be getting is my engagement ring, that's going to her little brother.
What is your favourite Annoushka piece?
That's like choosing a favourite child! But if I had to pick just one it would have to be the entire The Vampire's Wife X Annoushka bracelet. It's everything I love about jewellery - timeless, handmade, so precious yet inescapably cool.

Whose jewellery collection do you covet the most?
That would have to be a tie between Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly. I've also heard Barbra Streisand has pretty mean one.

Who wears their jewellery really well?
Sienna Miller at the moment can do no wrong - she wears really classic pieces in a modern way

Where do you go to source hidden gems in London/Worldwide?
Felt is my favourite in London, it's really eclectic and full of gems (pun intended). I recently visited Alex Eagle's Store in Berlin which was divine too.
What do you love about Annoushka?
The intricacy, I love that each piece is finished to the tiniest detail - my favourite is the wood finish etched onto gold, you immediately know it's Annoushka.

What new jewellery trends will we be seeing in the year ahead?
Pearls are back (which I'm thrilled about), but not in an overtly feminine way, this time they're both baroque and minimal. I also think the heavier gold chain will be big again as we've had so many years of ultra delicate and fine.