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Annoushka Annoushka Annoushka
Connect, Protect, Empower and Heal
As an intuitive designer for some 30 years, Annouhska's connection to stones has always been instinctive, but until recently she had never really understood why. Here she talks to Crystal Healer Reeya Avani about the philosophy of those attractions and how tuning into these feelings might help us with the uncertainty we currently face.
“My engagement ring was the first piece of jewellery I ever designed. Completely at odds with my preconceived idea that I wanted an Emerald, I fell in love with a Ruby which just felt right. Since then I have learnt that it represents love, endurance and positivity. It has been my daily companion for some 31 years and has been with me through all the joys and foibles of life.” —Annoushka Ducas
A sister to the all powerful amethyst, when exposed to naturally occurring pressure, citrine can change colour from a soft yellowy gold, to gentle purple, as well as being able to hang in a ethereal-like state between the two, known as ametrine. Citrine is said to share all of the same healing and uplifting properties as amethyst, as well as inspiring motivation and self-expression.
Mythology 18ct Gold Citrine Beetle Ring
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Mythology 18ct Gold Citrine Beetle Charm
Like ruby, sapphire derives from the mineral corundum and as such they share the same chemical composition, mineral structure and arguably the same healing properties. It’s just a minute trace of a particular impurity which decided if a corundum gem will be a deep red ruby or striking blue, yellow or orange sapphire. Blue sapphire is said to be the stone of mental focus, linked to the 3rd eye chakra, which is the source of intuition, wisdom and insight.
Crown 18ct White Gold Blue Sapphire Ring
Mythology 18ct Rose Gold Sapphire Chilli Charm
18ct Gold Sapphire Vine Bracelet
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Linked to ancient Hindu culture and deity Krishna, the god of tenderness, compassion and love, ruby is often described as “ratnaraj” or the “king of precious stones”. Its deep, warm tones are meant to bring uplifting frequencies, inspiring passion, romance and impulse.
“The connection I have to the Ruby in my engagement ring is incredibly special, I honestly look at it every day and adore it as much as I did the first time I put it against my skin—its warmth and depth of colour is delicious!” —Annoushka Ducas
18ct Gold Ruby & Sapphire Wild Rose Necklace
18ct Gold Ruby Vine Leaf Bracelet
Crown 18ct White Gold Ruby Ring
18ct Rose Gold Ruby Red Right Hand Necklace
Described as a power stone, amethyst is thought to bring and attract positive energy to both the wearer and their home. A crystal believed for centuries to represent protection, guidance and clarity, it seems like a valuable partner for troubled times.

“Very often clients will come to me with a long list of ailments, but at the core is stress and anxiety. Amethyst can really dissipate that stress, encouraging your internal intuition and in turn your spiritual growth and inner strength.” recalls Reeya.
Mythology 18ct Rose Gold Amethyst Olive Seed Charm
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Mythology 18ct Rose Gold Amethyst Beetle Ring
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It’s believed that quartz is a mood uplifting and balancing stone, aiding confidence and self-esteem. Rose quartz in particular, which can be dated back to ancient Roman, Egyptian and Greek civilisations where it was used as a potent talisman, is described as a crystal which opens the heart to all kinds of love, including self-love; a message we can all hold close today.

“I always bring clear quartz into my daily wear as its energy is very similar to the diamond, in that it has the capacity to amplify” says Reeya.
Dusty Diamonds 18ct White Gold Rose Quartz Earrings
Mythology 18ct Rose Gold Rose Quartz Beetle Charm
Mythology 18ct Gold Smoky Quartz Acorn Seed Pendant
Dusty Diamonds 18ct Rose Gold Olive Quartz Earring Drops
It’s believed that our primal brains instinctively seek refractions of light. Much like the reflections of water which we need to live, it’s often been suggested that this might explain our obsession with diamonds! The strongest mineral in form and arguably in reputation, the diamond is also said to hold a higher frequency of energy than other crystals, perhaps further explaining its powerful allure and all-round mesmerising beauty.

“Diamond is a good stone to wear daily because it works with all the chakras and across the energy field. When paired with other stones, it amplifies the energies— radiating positivity” says Reeya.
Marguerite 18ct White Gold Diamond Small Stud Earrings
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Crown 18ct White Gold Diamond Ring
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