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Having not had many opportunities to venture out socially over the last few months, I’m looking forward to a cosy family dinner at home on Christmas Eve where we’ve all agreed to dress up. We’ll have the fire blazing, lots of candles burning and the champagne on ice—and it’s the perfect reason to wear lots of jewellery that’s been languishing unworn of late.
My favourite fabric for winter evenings has always been velvet—especially midnight blue which looks fabulous with almost all jewellery as the texture is very complimentary. I’d go for our Touch Wood Diamond Earrings, Golden Pearls, or our gorgeous Diamond Flamenco studs with a Fine Long Nectar Chain on bear skin—showing on a fitted tux style jacket, its modern and sexy but still elegant, a timeless look.
It’s perhaps no surprise that when it comes to planning my wardrobe for small, stay-at-home parties this Christmas, I’ll be choosing my evening outfits based on the jewellery I want to wear. My tip is either to keep clothes simple so that the jewellery really stands out or if you are wearing patterns, then choose something plain such as Organza Hoops, which work with almost everything.

Statement Earrings are elegant and sexier when worn without any other jewellery around the neck because they will really highlight the face. Pearl Earrings are a classic choice too (choose golden pearls for warmer skin tones, white hues if you are paler). For something really fresh consider mismatched earrings, playing with hoops and drops to create a personal look.
I’m not a fan of matching earrings and necklaces; it’s much more modern to combine different pieces together.
I also love, and have always loved, mixing metals: White Gold and Yellow Gold really complement each other especially when layered up.

I’ll often put various Fine Necklaces of different lengths together starting with my favourite first—I’m currently loving our Lovelock Star with the large cable chain, and then I’ll layer up from there, perhaps with a cherub charm and a pearl pendant for variety.
For Bracelets, the trick is to stack rigid bangles and soft bracelets together for a confident look. The exception to this rule is a wide cuff or our Garden Party Bracelet, another of my favourites, which is meant to be worn on its own. Similarly with Rings, it’s fun to create as many different looks as possible. Our Crown Rings are perfect for this as they are designed to be worn a multitude of ways-my favourite, interlaced together or better still with our Triple Marguerite Ring in the middle. Remember rings are one of the few pieces of jewellery that you can really admire on yourself, so they are always a favourite for me.
If you want to elevate a sleeveless dress with a lovely Cocktail Ring, it is much more elegant not break up the line of your arm by wearing bracelets as well (stick to neutral nail varnish too so that the ring is the centrepiece).

Whatever jewellery I wear, I know it will make me feel in the mood to celebrate with loved ones this Christmas. Our gatherings may be reduced in number but I still find it comforting to know that during this festive season, we are still together in spirit, united under one moon.

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