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My approach to jewellery is very personal; at each stage of my life, the inspiration behind my work has changed to reflect new influences, and new ways of thinking about ideas that have fascinated me since my jewellery journey began. I have always tried to translate and articulate a mood, drawing on my own creative instincts, but also the way our lives and needs are changing.

There is no doubt that growing up has a profound effect on the things you think about when you start to design. With young children at home, Links of London, my first business, was all about making gifting easier, creating products that would make people smile delivered in luxurious packaging.

​Two decades later, my jewellery is a response to a more reflective moment in my life. I’m really inspired by creating precious jewellery designed by women for women, jewellery that is relevant to the lives we live today and the people we will become tomorrow.

I create what I like to wear. It must be comfortable, versatile, unfussy, yet also te​ll a story. I love colour and my jewellery reflects this.

Annoushka Jewellery aims to bring a strong female voice to the traditional world of fine jewellery, and to create pieces that elegantly adapt to the lives of the increasing number of women buying jewellery for themselves.

Entrepreneurship has always been in my spirit, something I inherited from so many inspirational people I’ve been lucky enough to have in my life—both family and friends. As a successful businesswoman, I’m driven to support other women to realise their own dreams through our charitable work for Give A Future.

Surrounded by so many great women, its no surprise that the unique emotions and stories behind a woman’s jewellery have always fascinated me. I’ve always travelled the world to find extraordinary stones and inspirational craftsmanship, learning everything I know at the craftsman’s bench. Great precious jewels have to have fluidity, tactility, detail and playfulness, with a mix of golds, textures and above all—colour. One of my greatest inspirations is colour, the key that defines the bold combination of playfulness, wearability and daily glamour that is my trademark.

Ultimately, jewellery is about character: glamour, passion and humour—of the craftsman, the designer and the woman who will ultimately wear it, creating precious jewellery for remarkable women.”

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