May is one of my favourite times of year in Chelsea - the Kings Road is brimming with floral installations in honour of Chelsea in Bloom and as a tribute to the wonderful Chelsea Flower Show, which started in 1913.

I am particularly excited about Chelsea Flower Show this year as I’ve designed my first sculpture in collaboration with David Harber, who has brought my vision to life.

Nature has always been a huge influence for my jewellery, but this is the first time I have designed on a large scale. My approach is very much ‘jewellery for the garden’ – taking inspiration from my Sycamore Charm. It’s always been one of my favourite designs- it makes me think of new beginnings and is said to represent strength and protection.

David has done a wonderful job of retaining all the precious intricacies in the finished piece – with the added complexity of making the piece rotate – I can’t wait to sit on it and have a spin!

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The 1.75m high sculpture is a limited edition of 12, each numbered and signed. The stainless-steel structure has been finished with a rich metallic champagne gold to reflect the 18ct gold used in my jewellery.

As you hold a sycamore seed up to the light, its intricacies are defined. Multiple curved flutes have been cut with an abstract organic pattern to mimic these delicate and skeletal details. They elegantly extend from the base and cast a mesmerising array of shadows that transform with the rotation of the sculpture and with the angle of the sun.

Kinetic in design, it playfully rotates on an axis like a falling Sycamore seed through the wind, highlighting the contrasting polished and textured surfaces with every spin. Doubling up as a seat, the sculpture provides a tranquil resting spot to relax, repose and immerse oneself in the landscape.

Come and have a spin at the David Harber garden designed by James Doyle on the Main Avenue at the Chelsea Flower Show from 23rd-27th May where I will also be displaying exclusive one-of-a-kind jewellery designs.

For enquiries please contact us.

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