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the magic of 18ct gold

Gold has always been central to the human story. Prized both for its value and its beauty, it features in the myths and narratives of diverse cultures. It is frequently synonymous with the sun. The Egyptian sun god Re was called ‘the mountain of gold’. In Vedic belief, Brahma was born from a seed which became a golden egg. In Hinduism, gold is the seed of Agni, the god of fire and the hearth. Ancient Columbians used gold as an offering to maintain cosmic harmony. The Trojan Wars began with a golden apple. Midas turned everything he touched to it. Fairy stories abound with gold. In a Chinese tale, a tiny golden beetle summons up delicious food nightly from an empty cooking pot.

Talismanic in its properties, gold is emblematic of beauty, purity, deity and power.

It’s also—less magically—a strictly regulated physical property. Pure gold is made up of twenty four parts. It is weighed in troy ounces. One troy ounce is equivalent to 31.103478 grams. Gold is mostly made as 24ct, 18ct or 14ct. 24 carat contains 24 parts of pure gold. 18 ct gold contains 18 parts of pure gold. 18ct gold is alloyed so the remaining six parts are composed of other metals including silver and copper. 14ct gold contains only 14 parts of pure gold. The benefit of adding additional metals to pure gold makes it more durable, more long-lasting and resistant to damage—perfect for jewellery.

24ct gold, therefore, is beautifully lustrous but very soft. It is unable to hold the shape of any fine detailing. 14ct gold is harder, and more resilient, and holds detailing well, but its colour lacks the soft glow of its counterparts.

I8ct gold, therefore, is the perfect option. It shines with a lustrous richness, but can be fashioned and detailed to hold shape and definition. It can be worn daily and is durable. It is the gold of heirloom pieces. In 18ct gold, form and function are united.

That’s why all Annoushka jewellery is made with 18ct gold.

It allows the intricate detailing and playfulness that characterises the collections. It can be handled and touched, and worn daily with confidence. It glows lustrously and beautifully, the perfect complement to all skin tones.

In Annoushka’s designs, gold becomes a magical shape-shifter. In Lattice, fishing nets traditionally made of natural rope fibres are evoked in delicate gold latticed chain linked by diamond cups. Golden pearls nestle inside diamond-accented tiny golden net earrings. In Butterflies, 18ct gold is hand textured to emulate the silken details of a butterfly’s open wing. In Dream catcher, bamboo-style diamond hoop earrings are set with discreet diamond detailing, and are light enough to be worn every day. In Mythology, a Sycamore Seed pendant is as detailed as its natural counterpart. An Acorn Seed pendant has a perfectly delineated 18ct gold leaf.

18ct gold gives Annoushka the artistic freedom to create precious pieces of jewellery which tell stories, are talismanic, and which pay homage to things that she loves. Glowing, lustrous, and timelessly beautiful, it is the perfect material to bring her creative vision to life.

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