Staying true to Annoushka’s belief that jewellery should work hard for you but remain undoubtedly luxurious, we have launched Knuckle; a 14ct gold collection that can be worn in multiple ways.

This is the first time Annoushka has designed a totally gender-fluid and unembellished collection with more of an urban vibe.

Made up of a series of linkable chain necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are designed to be collected and connected. Each piece is centred around a curvaceous central joint (or knuckle) which connects its links together for endlessly versatile style.


A masterclass in craft and attention to detail, Knuckle, was designed by Annoushka and handmade by friend and master Goldsmith Dino in his small family run workshop in Arezzo, Tuscany, a region defined by its historic connections to chain making.

Each piece made by hand to perfect detail, in 14ct gold, is unique and has its own distinctive character that sets it apart from traditional machine-made chains.


At the core of our capsule collection is the joint, called Knuckle. This element joins each link and allows the freedom and movement featured throughout the chains and earrings to be possible. Like the knuckles on our hand, they move with ease and flexibility.

Choose to style two variations of our hoop earrings; a simple utilitarian hoop or a double link earring with a Knuckle joint. The single hoop is a classic addition to any collection that can be worn singly, as a matching pair or with a detachable drop. Our double hoops on the other hand, can be split into two parts at the joint and worn asymmetrically, or as a pair.

Each chain bracelet and necklace have been made in three weights, and are finished with a horseshoe shaped clasp on either side allowing them to seamlessly link. Symbolic of protection and good luck, this clasp empowers you to be playful with your jewellery, making chains longer or shorter and allowing different scales to be worn together and styled in endless ways.

Collect and connect the chains to wear them your way, every day. Style and re-style them, again and again. It’s buildable jewellery that’s as versatile as your style.

How will you wear yours?