my life in seven charms
my life in seven charms
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Annoushka Ducas MBE has been collecting charms for as long as she can remember, in her podcast she explores their unique ability to evoke memory and meaning with seven inspiring women, as they reveal their Life in Seven Charms.
Series: Two
1 Denise Lewis
Olympic gold medallist and sports presenter

An OBE, Olympic Gold Medalist, an ambassador for many charities, and a cheerleader for girls participation in sport, she’s also a mother of four children, the youngest of whom was born when she was 46—a truly remarkable woman and an inspiration for women the world over. We're delighted to publish this International Women's Day special, with Denise Lewis.

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Series: One
1 Caroline Issa
Fashion Director and CEO TANK Magazine

It has been said that ‘no other individual currently working in fashion has seen the industry from as many angles as Caroline Issa, she’s a designer an innovator and as the Editor of cult title TANK Magazine–a woman in love with both the written and spoken word.

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2 Alexandra Shulman OBE
Author and former Editor In Chief of British Vogue

An icon in the world of fashion journalism, Alexandra Shulman OBE is British Vogue’s longest serving editor, as well as a successful author. In this candid chat she reflects on life post Vogue; shares anecdotes from her time in the lens and how she balanced that with her other role, as a Mother.

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3 Lady Anne Glenconner
Author and former lady in waiting to Princess Margaret

Born into the rigid social hierarchy of the English aristocracy in the 1930’s, Lady Anne Glenconner’s life was stitched for many decades into the tapestry of the royal household, most notably as the late Princess Margaret’s lady In waiting. An author at 85 and on the cusp of launching her debut fiction Murder On Mustique, this is a candid and witty account of her truly remarkable life.

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4 Kit Kemp
Author, award-winning Interior Designer and Founder & Creative Director of Firmdale Hotels

Interior and Textile designer Kit Kemp is best known for shaping the boutique hotel industry known and loved today. Renowned for her stylish and witty aesthetic, immortalised through three critically-acclaimed books, here she shares childhood memories and tales of young love with Annoushka in a relaxed chat at The Hamyard Hotel.

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5 Lucia van der Post
Luxury columnist, editor of Country and Townhouse Great British Brands and founding editor of The Financial Times 'How to Spend It'.

The doyenne of decadence, Lucia van der Post is the pre-digital influencer having crafted a career as a tastemaker and a curator of beautiful things, most notably in her role which spans some decades, at The Financial Times How To Spend It Magazine, which she was fundamental to launching in the mid 1980’s. In this, at times emotional chat with Annoushka, Lucia shares tales of early years in her native South Africa, where she spent her formative years during apartheid and talks openly about her late, great philosopher, explorer and conservationist father Laurens van der Post.

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6 Rachel Johnson
Novelist, Journalist and Presenter

Rachel Johnson is undoubtedly a high achiever, having navigated a career as a novelist, journalist, editor and now broadcaster on prime time radio and yet as many women of talent have often been, is all too often categorised primarily as the sister or daughter of a prominent man. A member of one of the most well-known political families of our time, in this chat Rachel, explores childhood memories on the family farm in Exmoor, her deep connection and admiration for her parents and how she manages her place among 4, independent-from-the-word-go, brothers.

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7 Holly Tucker
Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and UK Ambassador for Creative Small Businesses

A must-listen for any budding entrepreneur or dynamic creative, this week’s episode is with Holly Tucker. A trailblazer, an entrepreneur and a cheerleader for hundreds of small businesses, she founded Not On The High Street and in more recent years, Holly & Co. However, like many people, Hollys path to her passion has had some major obstacles, which true to her effervescent spirit, she has overcome with determination and grace. She has, as the poem says, met with triumph and disaster and treated them the same. Ahead of her time in the opportunity she spotted, she had the guts to persevere in the face of the mostly-men who said no and went on to make the British high street a virtual one.

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“As a child my mother used to travel a lot and she’d always bring me back a charm, so for me they have this wonderful nostalgic feeling—every one holding a special story which connects me to her. There’s also something about the exquisiteness of the perfect, tiny form of a charm which is just so captivating, for me the pleasure is in perfecting the littlest detail, to make a charm spin or open—to design something which is the absolute miniature of the real thing.

It’s been such a pleasure to record this podcast and interview seven inspiring women who have all lived extraordinary lives—there are so few things that can stand the test of time like a charm—the individual narrative and personality of each gives them a very unique ability to tell a story—these well-known guests have truly let me and given me permission to retell their Life In Seven Charms, through a very special 18ct gold biography.”

Annoushka Ducas MBE
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