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On Thursday 23rd June, Annoushka had the pleasure of viewing the BA Jewellery Design Graduate work at Central Saint Martins Degree Show. The Annoushka Graduate Award for outstanding design celebrates the 50th anniversary of the CSM Jewellery Design course.

Annoushka outside

Annoushka was given a personal tour of the exhibition by Caroline Broadhead, Course Leader BA (Hons) Jewellery Design & Giles Last, Lead Tutor for the First Year BA (Hons) Jewellery Design. Here, she was able to see the inspirations behind the graduate collections, as she met and chatted to students about their journey as jewellery designers.

A talking to student

The show exhibited a plethora of talent, as 37 students from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds influenced a multitude of themes, many drawing on the appropriation of everyday commodities and consumer habits, such as ‘Oyster Card Acrylic Nails’. Others, however, took a more abstract approach, including themes of femininity in female body building and the harsh realities of the coal mining industry.
Oyster card nails combo
Whilst the competition this year was extremely strong, we are excited to announce that the inaugural winners, as selected by Annoushka after much deliberation, are Simone Maria Faurschou and Stacey Huang.

Simone’s work emerged from her own obsession with footwear, and explores the history of fashion through society’s sexist obsessions with the foot, and creates innovative jewellery that embellishes one’s own shoe collection.

Simone shoes 1

“Making use of Metal forging, which requires delicate processes of hammering, Simone achieves soft, fluid shapes from hard and rigid medium, which suggest effortless and carefree movements for those wearing them” (Jeppe Ugelvig, BA  (Hons) Culture, Criticism and Curation).

stacey and A

Stacey’s work, on the other hand, was inspired by student living and packaging, drawing on the commodification of everyday of goods in modern society, creating jewellery which is able to ‘pop’ out of its ‘packaging’.

Stacey huang faces 1

“Her designs echo the many signs of promotion that we find in supermarkets. The aim is to invite people to rethink the value of fast-moving consumption by transforming these signs of commerce into fine jewellery” (Carlotta Clerici, BA (Hons) Culture, Criticism and Curation).

The winners’ pieces are currently displayed at Annoushka in Liberty’s throughout August.

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